Metal Fencing

Metal Fencing


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We offer a range of metal fence panels for sale that will provide a stylish alternative to traditional timber designs. Manufactured from solid steel our choice of metal fencing is constructed to high standards to ensure years of low maintenance security at an affordable price. Suitable for a wide range of outdoor locations and existing garden designs the addition of this form of physical security product will not only increase privacy and security but will also provide an aesthetically pleasing look to the exterior of your property. 


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Available to buy online in a range of modern and traditional fence designs in a choice of standard widths and heights or where required can be manufactured in bespoke sizes to ensure the ideal fit to your requirements.

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Abbey Metal Fencing

A modern take on a traditional art deco design, the Abbey metal fencing creates an eye catching look at a great price.

£90.00 *

Manor Metal Fencing - 3ft High

Simple yet effective, the Manor metal fence is a great addition to any outdoor space where improved privacy and security is a requirement.

£110.00 *

Manor Metal Fencing - 4ft High

Creating a slightly taller barrier than standard, the 4ft high Manor metal fencing is a cost effective alternative to a range of other fencing solutions.

£120.00 *

Saxon Metal Fencing - 3ft High

With a timeless appearance, these 3ft high metal fence panels will provide an effective yet visually appealing way of securing the perimeter of your home or garden.

£110.00 *

Court Metal Fencing

Perfect where a secure boundary is required but safety of the user is also of paramount importance. Ideal for playground`s or households with small children.

£112.00 *
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