Who Owns the Garden Fence?

Who Owns the Garden Fence?


If you live in a property with adjoining neighbours then it is important to know who owns and is responsible for the garden fence. This is especially important in situations where replacement or repair is required as the owner will have to brunt the financial burden of such a project.

More often than not neighbours will be on friendly terms and may be willing to split the costs as both parties will gain benefit from it. However, in instances where this is not possible or you do not get along with your neighbours, it will pay to carry out some research to find the owner.

To do this it is simply a matter of getting hold of the deeds of the property (available from the Land Registry) as the information will be shown on them.

Once you have a copy, look for a mark that looks like a capital T. If this is shown it will point in one direction or the other. If the T is located on your property then the fence would be owned by you and therefore your responsibility. If it is not on your property side then the boundary would belong to an adjoining property.

However, in some circumstances there may well be a T on both sides and in this instance the fencing would be owned by both parties and as such should any repairs or replacements be required you would need to come to an arrangement where the costs were split 50/50.





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