What are the Benefits of Metal Fence Panels Ove...

What are the Benefits of Metal Fence Panels Over Timber?


If you have a requirement for a new garden fence but are looking for a stylish alternative to the traditional timber designs then the addition of a eye catching metal fence may well prove the ideal solution.

Unlike timber designs that are only really available in a few plain designs and do not really add much in terms of aesthetic appeal, a fence constructed from metal can be made in all sorts of shapes and styles that will ultimately create both security and privacy whilst ensuring the perimeter of your garden provides a wonderful backdrop to your planting schemes.


Saxon Spear Top Metal Fencing


What Styles of Metal Fencing is Available?

Capable of being shaped into any number of designs metal fencing can be tailored to suit the look of your home. As such, we offer a vast array of modern and traditional styles that are sure to impress even the most fussy of homeowners.


What Kind of Security Does a Metal Fence Panel Offer?

In comparison to a wood, a metal fence panel will provide far greater levels of security as they cannot be cut, split of snapped easily. In addition to this, with designs such as the Saxon and Warwick having spear top finials they will also provide a great deterrent to stop people climbing over.


Are Metal Fence Panels Low Maintenance?

We offer a range of highly durable metal fencing that is supplied in a black primer finish. As such, prior to installation it is essential they are painted to the colour of your choice to prevent rusting from occurring. After that, provided they are repainted every few years there is no reason why they will not last a lifetime. In addition to our primer range, we also offer a select range of designs that features a zinc plated and powder coated finish. This option is popular as it removes the need for on-site painting and also comes with the added benefit of the rust protective coating.


Are Metal Fences Susceptible to Damage From the Wind?

Unlike a solid wooden fence that acts as a barrier to the wind that often results in damage during periods of high winds, the open design of a metal fence will never be damaged by the wind. This is because it is able to pass freely between the infill bars placing minimal strain on the components.


Are They Affordable in Comparison to Timber?

Whilst a metal fence will cost more than traditional timber designs, the benefits it brings can often far outweigh the initial cost. As such in recent years, we have seen a significant shift in demand towards this material as more and more homeowners are looking for quality as opposed to a bargain.



If you are looking to find out more information on our selection of metal fencing please check out the relevant category within the online store. Alternatively to speak to one of our friendly staff feel free to contact Discount Fence Panels either by phone or email with your requirements and we shall be pleased to provide any assistance that may be required.