The Simple Way to Install Garden Fencing

The Simple Way to Install Garden Fencing


If you have a need to install a replacement fence, then we strongly advise you read the following information that has been designed to make the job as easy as possible for the average DIY enthusiast.


Key Considerations

Informing the Neighbours – To maintain a friendly relationship with your neighbours then it makes sense to inform them of what you plans are prior to commencing work. You will also need their permission to go onto their property so this is a good time to ask.

Knowing Where the Boundary is – Whilst replacing an existing fence will normally just be a case of following the existing line the installation of a completely new one may pose some problems in terms of finding the correct position. As such, if you are in any doubt we recommend you check your deeds as the position will be clearly identified on it.


Before Starting Work

As with any home improvement project, having the right tools and materials for the job will make the task far simpler so we recommend the use of the following be available to you. In addition to this we suggest that the job will be easier if 2 people complete the task.


  • Shovel
  • Gloves
  • A String line
  • A Spirit Level
  • Tape Measure



  • Fence panels
  • Concrete Posts
  • Bags of rapid set concrete (pre-mixed sand gravel and cement)
  • Gravel Boards (optional extra)


Commencing Work

The first task is to mark the line that you will be working to. The easiest way to do this is with a simple string line held tight between 2 fixed points. This will then give you a good positing to dig the post holes.


Fixing the Fence Posts

Once you have established the right distance between each post, you will need to dig holes so they can be set into the ground using rapid setting concrete.  The depth of the hole will be dependent upon ground conditions however as a rule of thumb should be a minimum of 2ft into the ground.

Once the first hole is complete place the post into it ensuring the position is correct in relation to the string line. You will also need to check the post is vertical using a spirit level at this point. Once in a satisfactory position pour in the concrete. When the hole is nearly filled, check the positioning again to ensure it has not moved. At this point it is a good idea to add some supports to the post as a temporary support whilst the concrete dries. The next step is to repeat the process until you have all the post correctly positioned. Once complete you can back fill the holes using soil you dug out to create a neater finish.


Installing the Fence Panels

If you have installed wooden posts then the easiest way to install the new fence panels is by using specialist fixing clips as these provide a discreet method of holding the panel in place.

Position the clips central to the post and use one at the top and bottom of each panel.

When complete simply slide the panels into place for a neat and snug fit thus preventing them from blowing and banging in the wind. 



If you are currently looking for replacement fence panels, please check out the rest of our website where you will find a huge array of garden fencing at discount prices. Alternatively call us on 0844 804 5577 with your requirements and we will be please to provide you with a competetive quote.