Selecting the Correct Fence Panels

Selecting the Correct Fence Panels


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With such a broad array of fence panels to choose from in various sizes and designs the task or ordering replacement fencing can often seem a bit confusing. As such here of some of the most important things you will need to consider before you make your purchase.




Choosing the Type of Fence Required

The starting point for choosing the correct fence will begin with its intended purpose. By that we mean what will it be used to secure? For example, if you are looking for a simple way of creating a clearly defined boundary but are not looking for high levels of privacy and security then a low palisade fence would be more than adequate. In comparison, if you are looking to create a well secure private garden space then the better option would be to select some heavy duty closeboard fence panels.



Depending upon you requirements, fencing is available in heights from 3ft -6ft and are normally supplied in set panels widths of 6ft. As such, when planning your design, be sure to take this into account so that it makes the job of calculating the required amount of panels easier and will also provide the benefit of making installation far simpler and faster if only full panels are used.



Available in a variety of styles such as feather edge, closeboard, pressure treated and lap fence panels to name but a few and as a result  it will pay to take into consideration the overall look you are trying to achieve as each design will have its own unique characteristics.  If for example the sole purpose is a cheap and quick fix then a good option is to go for the standard lap panels. In comparison if you are after a more eye catching appearance, then the range of continental pressure treated fence panels will provide a far superior look for not much additional cost.

Finally, in relation to the design, don`t forget that it is possible to add some trellis to the top of the panels to not only increase the height but also change the overall look to become more unique to your home.



Available in both dipped and pressure treated timber, it is essential you know which one is going to suit your garden the best.




Dipped Finish – Manufactured from rough sawn timber, many cheap fence panels are supplied in what is called a “dipped finish” This method of finishing will require the panels to be treated every few years with a paint or stain to ensure the wood remains well protected against the elements. Failure to carry this out will ultimately lead to the deterioration in the condition and over time may lead to costly replacements being required.

Pressure Treated – During the manufacturing process the timber is injected with a preservative that is designed to protect the timber from decay and for this reason should far outlast the above finish. However, even though the timber has a preservative built in, it is always advisable to treat the fence every few years to ensure it remains in top condition for as long as possible.



In conclusion, it is important to remember that not all fencing is the same. So if you are currently looking to purchase any of the aforementioned designs then we at would welcome your enquiry and be pleased to offer any assistance you may need.