Maintain Your Fences & Gates to Ensure Adequate...

Maintain Your Fences & Gates to Ensure Adequate Home Security


In the latest addition to our blog, would like to remind you the importance of maintaining your fences and gates in a good condition so they are able to not only function correctly but so they are able to offer the correct level of security.

An important point to note is that research has shown that a criminal will be more likely to target a home that looks vulnerable than a similar home that looks well defended. It is for this reason that we thought we would provide you with a maintenance checklist along with some handy tips to help ensure you have the right level of security protecting your home and garden space.



Wooden Fence Panels

  • Visually inspect the fence looking for signs of decay, wind damage, loose panels or other similar issues. Where panels are in a poor state of repair they should be replaced with new items of the appropriate size and design.
  • If installing a completely new fence always specify pressure treated gravel boards to keep the panel up off the damp ground as this will prolong their lifespan significantly.
  • If you are design conscious, when selecting a fence go for a style that is going to offer a pleasing appearance such as the continental fence panels as these can be supplied in a number of eye catching designs. In addition to this as they feature a strong framework, they are extremely sturdy and provide great resistance to the elements.
  • Alternatively if you are working to a budget, select from the styles such as lap fence panels or closeboard fence panels.
  • To ensure wooden fence panels are well protected from the elements and do not start to rot it is important to apply a coat of stain, paint or preservative onto them every couple of years. In addition to providing protection to the wood, it will also keep the fencing looking pleasing to the eye which is an obvious requirement within a well kept garden.




  • Existing gates should be inspected visually every 12 months to ascertain their current condition. Hinges and fixing points should be well secured so pay attention to these areas as well and retighten where required.
  • If damaged areas are discovered they should be rectified appropriately or if this is not feasible then a replacement gate should be installed.
  • To provide protection to the timber, it is a good idea to apply a coat of stain or paint every other year to the entire surface of the item. This way the timber will remain in good condition thus offering maximum performance in terms of functionality and security.



To summarise, whilst maintenance projects around the house such as fence and gate repairs may not be the most interesting way to spend a weekend, unless these simple tips and measures are taken you may find your home becoming the latest crime statistic.