Create a Versatile Garden Design Using Wooden T...

Create a Versatile Garden Design Using Wooden Trellis


If you are looking to create a wonderful outdoor space then it is well worthwhile adding some form of wooden garden trellis. Available in a number of versatile designs, they can be used for many purposes such as providing support for plants and climbing shrubs, providing screening to block the view of neighbour’s houses or can even be used to add new life to an existing fence. Here we take a closer look at some of the most popular uses.




Adding Garden Trellis to Provide Security

Whilst a standard wooden fence panels will deter most people from trespassing on your property, should anyone really want to climb over then it would be pretty simple for them to do so. However, if you were to add some trellis to the top then it would not only provide additional height but would also make the task that little bit more difficult. This is because it does not provide as much support and as the fence and would make scaling it harder as it would not support your weight. As an added measure the lattice detail would also provide a great support for training rose bushes or similar that could be used as an additional security precaution..





Create Support for Climbing Plants

Thanks to the lattice work design of most garden trellis, it provides the perfect backdrop for plants and climbing shrubs such as roses and clematis. Simple to install, the plant will grow through and around the timber and will eventually form a wonderful design element that is sure to impress friends and neighbours.





Adding Privacy from Neighbours

If your garden is overlooked by an adjacent property it can often leave you feel as if you are been spied on when outdoors. As such, to create more privacy trellis fencing can be used to screen of specific areas of the garden such as the patio or seating area.



To conclude, the addition of trellis to your garden will provide many benefits for very little outlay and effort. As such should you be interested in finding out more information or want to see what designs are available please view the garden trellis category within our online store.