Choosing the Right Fence Posts

Choosing the Right Fence Posts


In order to provide a support for fence panels you will need to install posts of some kind. The following information is designed to make the task of selecting the correct ones simple.


Selecting the Type of Fence Post

This will be dependent upon a number of factors including the following

  • The ground conditions,
  • The height of the fence
  • The type of material you prefer be it timber or concrete.


Ground Conditions

Concrete in Fixing - If the posts are to be installed into the ground so they are secured in concrete then it will be possible to select either wooden or concrete posts. Available in a large selection of lengths, it is advisable to have a minimum of ¼ of the total length below ground level so that it provides a really strong anchor point. As such, when selecting the length of post required it is advisable to pay special attention to this simple detail to ensure professional results with minimal effort.


Surface Mounted – In situations where there is a solid surface over the area you need to install the posts it is possible to use specialist bolt down shoes that will provide sufficient support for the posts. However, this is only possible with timber so if you preferred choice is concrete posts then you will still need to dig holes and concrete in place then make good the surrounding area afterwards.


The Height of the Fence

When selecting posts, make sure you take account of not only the fence but also any additional height that may be required for gravel boards or garden trellis on the top to provide a decorative detail.


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The Type of Material

Available in both concrete and timber, our range of fence posts are suitable for all kinds of designs,


Concrete The range of concrete fence posts offer an extremely strong and rigid support that feature a u channel within them to enable easy installation. Fence panels simply slide into place within the grooved section making for faster installation times and allow for simple removal should replacements be required. However, the look of concrete is not to everyone`s tastes and for that reason our main product of choice is timber.


Timber Our range of wooden posts are available in a selection of sizes depending upon you requirements. Manufactured to high standards, they are pressure treated with a preservative to provide maximum protection against the elements and therefore the maximum possible life span. Connecting the fence is done via discreet specialist fixings that cost very little.



If you require assistance selecting the most appropriate fence posts to meet your requirements or if you need any help working out the quantity you need, please feel free to contact us by email at or call us on 0844 804 5577 and we shall be pleased to offer our assistance.